Responsiveness. Relentlessness. Results.

These are the principles that we firmly adhere to at HMS. By working closely with our clients’ management team, we provide solutions that literally add the Hispanic marketing function within your infrastructure without incurring fixed employment and administrative costs. Through our experience, we have found that short-term, quick fix types of initiatives become costly and ineffective. As your Hispanic market guide, we will set the stage for a long term vision to increase brand awareness, and attract and service new customers.


A leading general market agency in Boston was directed its client,a major automotive superstore to launch the brand in the Texas and Florida markets. The agency at that time did not possess these capabilities in-house. Enter HMS.
The challenge faced by a major HMO in New England was when their management became concerned that its marketing strategy did not reflect the changing demographics. Learn how HMS designed and implemented a 10 point plan which offered a clear roadmap towards success.
Our client was interested in creating and nurturing long-lasting relationships with non-traditional community based organizations in New England. Learn how HMS implemented a grassroots marketing campaign that literally connected the brand to the community on a neighborhood level.
Hispanics represent an estimated $70 billion in annual healthcare spending. Reaching this market in culturally relevant ways is often a challenge. Learn how HMS executed an integrated marketing plan that increased walk-ins and patient visits.