Colombian Chapter of the  MIT Enterprise Forum” ”Business Success in the U.S.”

At this time, said Eduardo Crespo, there is a decline in working capacity of the generation ‘baby boomers’, ie, those whites who were born between 1940 and 1965. He added that it appears to be the multicultural segments that capacity remplacen who benefits, which are composed of minority African American, Asian and Latino, they have a wide demographic.

“This transition can be an incentive for entrepreneurs to create Antioquia trade links with the U.S. Latino community,” he said. And with that premise encouraged those attending the Fifth International Entrepreneurship Forum to make their cultural particularities key elements of their success as entrepreneurs. Therefore titled his presentation “to you to the success of your business: how to seize opportunities and avoid failures.”

Strategic relationships is one of the factors described as decisive in bringing an enterprising idea to success, besides the qualities entrepreneurs must possess: lead, not manage, have creativity and objectivity, and create a collaborative environment that include different social or cultural.

Crespo is an economist and his interest in the multicultural market was born while her thesis, entitled “Ethnic Communications”. Then bought a radio station aimed solely at Latinos in the United States as well as with prominent Hispanic relacionarle, let him learn about this emerging economy. Today is the manager of Hispanic Market Solutions, a company dedicated to marketing advice to companies facing Hispanic U.S. market.